Beige Double Wall Bottom Lock Fence Slat for 4ft Chain Link

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Toughen the privacy and look of your chain link fence with this attractive and sturdy fence slat. Slats are economical and simple To put in. No tools are important. Each and every slat measures approximately 1-3/32 inches wide by 44 inches long (privacy slats are most often four inches shorter than the full height of the fence to give protection to the slats from being damaged). Slats are tubular with a reinforcing wall at the within the slat. These vertical privacy inserts add approximately 75 percent privacy to regular two inch diamond (diamond is measured from inside of to within Each and every parallel side) 11 gauge chain link fabric. Also works with 9 or 11-1/2 gauge chain link fabric. The bigger the diamond, the fewer privacy achieved. High density polyethylene (HDPE) properties: Melt Index of .6 (a low melt index is a sign of enhanced stress and crack resistance); Density of .957 (high density for optimum stiffness without changing into brittle); Maximum Temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit/121 degrees Celsius (is not going to distort under this temperature); Minimum Temperature of -76 degrees Fahrenheit/-60 degrees Celsius (will stay flexible above this temperature); Tensile Strength of 3700 psi (is not going to distort at lessor affect). To put in, simply slide the locking channel horizontally into the ground of the primary fully enclosed diamond of chain link (see picture) after which slide Each and every slat vertically through he diamonds of the chain link until it clicks into the locking channel. DO NOT WEAVE out and in of the chain link. Chain link is woven in some way that leaves a space for the slat to slip down in the course of the fence. Damaged or bent chain link fence would possibly wish to be repaired to facilitate slat installation. Meets or exceeds ASTM D638.
Add privacy and curb appeal on your existing chain link fence
Designed for 6ft 11 or 9 gauge chain link with 2 inch diamond (see detailed description)
Each and every unit accommodates 84 slats and 10 feet of bottom locking channel
Each and every bag will cover 10 lineal feet of fence when used with 2 inch diamond chain link
Limited 25 year pro-rata warranty against breaking under typical conditions



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