Broken Brick Potting Media (Standard Bag)

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Damaged brick items are massive inorganic chunks which might be perfect to offer make stronger for orchids grown in massive vanda baskets. Damaged brick is standard in wet climates for its modest moisture retention homes. Damaged brick can be utilized to offer weight within the bottom of a pot, and to help drainage in so much the similar means that chards of Damaged clay pots could be. For terrestrial orchids, layer peat, coir or soil-less Combine on best of Damaged brick for drainage. Note: Basically, one quart of potting media fills a six inch wide pot, two 4 inch pots, or part of an eight inch pot and not using a plant in it.
Generous crammed 13 x 18 inch resealable take care of bag (constructed from 12 quarts of media)
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Specialty Classic Orchid Combine Small Batch Recent Made
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