CaptSure Upgraded Humane Smart Mouse Trap

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✅ CRUELTY-FREE MOUSE TRAPS – Our 100% humane, no-kill and no-pain mouse trap employs the Catch & Release method to clear your premises from mice and small-sized rodents. Endorsed by humane societies and animal rights organizations across the globe.
✅ SAFE AROUND KIDS AND PETS – Our Catch & Release traps are super-safe for indoor and outdoor use in homes with children or pets since they do not utilize poison, glue, chemicals or electricity. On top of that, you will not have to physically catch the mice in order to release them, which translates to reduced risk of diseases or bites. Plus, we have carefully designed this trap to render finger accidents completely impossible!
✅ EASIER & MORE CONVENIENT THAT SIMILAR TRAPS – Our easy-to-set mouse traps feature a convenient, sensitive and see-through design that allows trappers of all experience levels to capture, transport and release small rodents and rats with ease. This hygienic and safe design poses zero risk for fingers to accidentally get stuck while setting up the trap.
✅ REUSABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN – The CaptSure Smart Mouse Trap comes in a 2-pack and can be cleaned and reused as many times as you want. On top of that, they’re waterproof and can be effortlessly washed.
✅ LIFETIME WARRANTY – Not 110% thrilled with your mouse traps? Get in touch with us and take advantage of our Lifetime warranty and 24/7 Customer Support!







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