Century 24 Hour Plug-in Mechanical Timer Grounded

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Century 24 Hour Heavy Duty Plug-in Mechanical Timer Grounded is very important for all hydroponic system applications. Programming can also be set for multiple on/off events, so your entryway will be lit when you arrive home. This plug-in timer provides up to 48 on/off settings per day and the cycle repeats every 24 hours. Easy to set in 15 minute intervals with never-lose segment pins that can’t be removed or lost. Use the manual override button to turn the timer on or outlet on, so you would not have to delete any preprogrammed settings. Plug fans, lamps or holiday lights in and set the timer to turn the device on and off so it won’t remain on when unused. The Timer provides the security and safety as you come home to a lighted house. No fumbling for the light switch or tripping over obstacles in your way, the lights are on when you walk in the door. This timer is compatible with compact fluorescent lighting, LED bulbs. The Century Timer bring simplicity to your life, by maximizing convenience, security and energy savings.
✓ NO LOOSE PARTS: Unlike classic timers with removable pins, our timer features an easy to use, built-in pin dial that permits you to set your timer by pressing the toggle pins down for ON, or keeping them up for OFF.
✓ SAVE ENERGY & MONEY: Our timer can be utilized to automate most small home appliances. Use on your fans, lamps, hydroponics, coffee machines, and more
✓ JUST SET AND GO: Simply press down the entire pins for the range of time you prefer to your attached appliance to turn on. The programed schedule will repeat every 24 hours, automatically turning on and off your device so you do not need to.
✓ VERSATILE & CUSTOMIZABLE: Each pin represents 15 minutes for added customization. Set up to as many as 48 ON/OFF programs to automate your home appliances. Timer will also be used as an interval timer.
✓ SAFE & RELIABLE: Our 3-prong, grounded timer outlet is UL listed and rigorously controlled for quality and safety. Rating: 125VAC, 60 Hz, 1875W, 15A Tungsten & Resistive, 1/2HP









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