Laguna Submersible Water Pump, 660-GPH

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This Laguna submersible water pump is perfect for generating continuous and dependable water circulation in ponds, fountains and statuary devices. The pump Comprises an adjustable water float to extend or lower water float. It options low repairs and quiet, bother loose operation. Energy environment friendly, oil loose and adjustable water float. Its technical specs are Most float price is 660 US GPH, Most head top is 114-inch. Most pond quantity is 1320-gallon. Wattage 70 watt. Voltage 115 volt/60 hertz. Amperage: 0.6 ampere. Energy twine period 6-toes. Outlet diameter is 0.seventy nine-inch. Measures four-four/five-inch period by way of five-half-inch top by way of five-four/five-inch width. This product weighs 3.ninety four-pound.
Laguna Submersible Fountain and Statuary Pump 2500 LPH (660 US GPH), 115 V, 60 Hz, 45 W
Comprises adjustable water float and mechanical clear out foam
Low repairs; quiet, bother loose operation
Most float price is 660 US GPH and Most head top is 114-inch
Measures four-four/five-inch period by way of five-half-inch width by way of five-four/five-inch top

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