The Pond Digger Liquid Beneficial Bacteria (64oz)

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The Pond Digger Brand Liquid Really useful Bacteria is essentially the most concentrated probiotic supplement to be had in its class with over 1.5 billion colony-forming units per ounce! A very good all-around bacteria, and very simple to use, this bacteria blend is Easiest for brand new ponds or just regular pond maintenance. The microbes on this liquid blend are designed to do away with ammonia, scale back sludge and fish waste, and enhance overall water quality and clarity. Even as many bacteria blends are excellent for normal pond maintenance, this product is particularly useful for reducing ammonia — whether or not you might be organising a brand new pond, re-organising a pond after major work or spring pond care, or just coping with a big population of fish. Easiest for temporary housing tanks for fish (if the pond is being worked on), as they’re steadily overpopulated. Use 1 ounce per 1000 gallons — per 30 days to deal with a healthy, pristine pond or weekly in an overstocked pond.
Ammonia-reducing formula is Easiest for brand new or overpopulated ponds
Dissolvable blend of electrolytes, enzymes and probiotic microbes promotes clear water and healthy fish
Scientifically blended and tested to verify maximum results

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